About Gibraltar

Solid. Durable. Innovative. A stand up company that lets you sit down and relax. At Gibraltar, we produce table legs and bases that can make a statement or simply state the obvious.

From our headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint through our office recycling policies, and by recycling all of our steel and aluminum and the cardboard used in shipping.

In 2011, we converted an existing factory into new office and warehouse space and were the first in our community to install LED lighting in our plant, an improvement that will save over 75 percent in electrical usage and costs, or 49 metric tons of CO2 equivalent annually. That's enough to power 9.6 passenger vehicles for one year.

We produce and deliver high quality products for almost all budgets, and at Gibraltar we stand behind everything we make. It's the way we have been doing it since the beginning, and it is the way we'll continue to do business.